March 5, 2019

So I just booked a booth at the Glens Falls Gun Show on April 27/28, 2019.  It will be at the Glens Falls Cool Insuring Arena ( formerly the Glens Falls Civic Center) from 9-4 on Saturday and 9-2 on Sunday.  Come on out and get in on some great booking deals and take a look at some of the new products coming out from my partners.

Till next time, Get outside and do something,

Charlie Haviland Jr

The Backwater Guide Service

February 16, 2019

It looks like 2019 is going to be a banner year. We are gearing up for a great fishing season and the sport shows we have attended are really treating us well. Make sure to book early so we can get your dates set up before they are taken. We are again partnered with Cheeky Fishing, St. Croix Rods, PuddleSet Decoy Anchors, Echo Calls, Gitzit Incorporated, Stanley Jigs/ Hale Lure Company and a few we are working on right now.

Till next time, Get Outside and Do Something,

Charlie Haviland  Jr.

The Backwater Guide Service

April 6, 2017

We are proud to announce our full partnership with CHEROKEE SPORTS, makers of the most innovative products for the outdoorsman.  They build FUSION DECOYS which are far superior to other brands on the market today. Their turkey decoys are lifelike and light enough to carry a flock to your favorite hunting spot.  They also carry an array of deer hunting products.  Check them out today at your local retailer or go to .  Thank you to Beth and Brett Fulcher.

March 10,2017

Check out an interview I did with :

January 15,2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.  Its January 2017 and we are already rooting on the start of fishing season.  This is an exciting time for all outdoors people getting ready for a new beginning of a new year.  we are gearing up the new season with some new partnerships.  I am now an ENDORSED GUIDE with CHEEKY FISHING from Mass.  They are makers of the finest spinning and fly fishing reels made in the USA. we have also partnered up with GITZIT INCORPORATED makers of the finest tube baits on the market.  We are still exclusive to the best hand tied rubber  jig makers from Tennessee SMOKY MOUNTAIN JIGS and are on staff for FALLING FEATHERS GAME CALLS, LONE DUCK OUTFITTERS AND PUDDLSET DECOY ANCHORS. We are excited to be doing our first outdoor show February 11-12, 2017 in Johnstown, NY at the ADIRONDACK OUTDOORSMAN SHOW. W e will be doing great booking deals so stop out and visit.  Have a great winter and Ill talk to you all soon.

Till next time, Get outside and do something,

Charlie Haviland Jr.  TBGS

 July 3,2016

      Hard to believe its July already.  I have been busy getting decoys ready for the upcoming season, building new blinds for new areas and sprucing up the ones we always end up using.  This year is going to be a great year both on the water and in the fields with some new properties that I am real excited to finally be able to get on.  Hope you all are enjoying the summer and hope to see you this fall. Happy 4th of JUly to you all. 


Till next time, Get Outside And Do Something,

Charlie Haviland Jr, TBGS 


 January 18,2015 

          Here we are in the worst part of the year in the northeastern part of the USA.  It doesn't get a whole lot above 25'f and the sun takes the winter off.  So what does a guide do?  we start getting ready for our turkey season and bass fishing season.  The boat is almost all cleaned up from duck hunting season the blind is hanging from the basement ceiling and the rods have all been stripped of last years line.  I'm looking forward to getting out on the water and scouting my turkey haunts for the season.  I'm planning on going to the NY Sportsmens Expo at the state fair grounds in Syracuse.  Looking forward to the upcoming seasons and some exciting new goings on for the guide service.

     Till next time, Get outside and do something.

      Charlie Haviland Jr, TBGS 



 December 29,2014

      As 2014 comes to a close in a couple of days, I think about the different seasons that have passed, the new people I have met, hunted and fished with as well as the old friends I've spent most of my life with and all I can do is sit back and smile.  After all of the years of being a professional hunting and fishing guide, I still look forward to every trip with the same anticipation of it possibly being the best day ever in the woods or on the water.  The day I stop feeling that way  there will be on heck of a garage sale at my house.  Don't worry folks I'm thinking at least another 20 years. Get out there in 2015 hunt and fish everyday with the same voracity as opening day. I wish you all the very best that life can offer and great times everytime you go outside.


  Charlie Haviland Jr TBGS

Till next time, get outside and do something.  


 June 8,2014

      As I sit behind this computer and ponder over the 2014 turkey season that has just flown by, I think back to every hunt and just smile.   It was a struggle with the rain and wind 3/4 of the season , clients smiling even though I knew the frustration they felt with the never ending weather conditions changing and the birds seemingly not caring to read the brochure that I prominently posted throughout my hunting areas about how to act when I perfectly executed certain calls.  I did have a few firsts this season.  I did find my first shed in the woods in tact. I did have my first car wreck with a client in the vehicle ( I was not driving and the driver was pointing out turkeys in full strut as we went straight into a 5' culvert as the road progressed around a 45 degree turn.)  As for myself, I did manage to get out solo twice this season and was lucky enough to harvest a 19.4 lb bird with a 10.25" beard with 7/8" spurs, so all was not lost.  After a month of 3:45 am alarms going off...... I would do it all again starting today.    If the sound of a quiet ridge lighting up with a boss gobbler letting all of the ladies know what time it is doesn't get your heart racing..... I don't know what will.

      Till next time, Get outside and do something.

      Charlie J Haviland Jr   TBGS


April 5,2014

      Wow, its been a while since the last time I've had time to catch up.  It has been a long and bitter cold winter.  Here it is April 5th and I just cooked on the grill for the first time this year.  The water is way to high and not to mention our best early season trout spots still have 2 feet of snow around them.  On a brighter note, the turkey scouting is in full swing and there are a lot of mature  birds moving around.  It looks like it should be a great season again this year.   Here's hoping this message finds you all getting outside and getting all of the spring clean up done before your season starts.

        Until next time, Get outside and do something.

               Charlie Haviland Jr.





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